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Raku teabowl, hand carved Japanese style and glazed in a blue and turquoise lustre glaze

hand-building & raku firing

Learn to carve a Japanese teabowl using a traditional technique, create a couple of pinch-pots and then discover the excitement of a raku firing! This hand-building and raku class is run over two days and is a great entry level into working with clay, ideal for beginners…

throwing and altering on the wheel & raku firing

In this workshop you’ll learn to facet, add texture, carve and expand your thrown vessels, as well as trimming your pot whilst still on the wheel. Then you’ll return to experience all the excitement of a raku firing! This throwing & raku class is held over two days and is suitable for intermediate throwers…

Raku fired pots, these have been thrown on the wheel and textured, glazed in a turquoise crackle glaze

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