Raku Workshops

Raku teabowl, hand carved Japanese style and glazed in a blue and turquoise lustre glaze

hand-building & raku

Come and experience all the excitement of western raku!

The first session you’ll be hand-building a vase, bottle or organic form, plus making extra pinch pots, modifying, adding textures and sprigs. The second session you’ll learn glaze basics before glazing your own work, and then we go outside for several fast western raku firings! You will be able to take your creations away with you at the end of the session.

This is an ideal entry level course for beginners as no experience is necessary.

If you have hand-building experience already you may develop your own project during the first session (subject to size/technique restrictions).

hand-building & raku workshop dates

throwing & raku

In this workshop you’ll learn to facet, add texture, carve and expand your thrown vessels, as well as trimming your pot whilst still on the wheel. Then you’ll return to experience all the excitement of a raku firing!

NB. This workshop is suitable for intermediate throwers only.

throwing & raku