160 ‘Made in Glasgow’ slip-cast bone-china, porcelain & earthenware bricks.

The installation of bricks was exhibited at the SSA Annual Exhibition in Edinburgh, 2016. The bricks are hollow, produced by slip-casting using porcelain, bone-china, parian or white earthenware clay. Most were glazed whilst others were left at the bisque fired stage.

The bricks were stacked up two by two in 9 piles of differing heights to look like a grouping that might be found on any building site. 

SSA Annual Exhibition 2016, Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh. Winner of the House For An Art Lover Exhibition Prize.

The bricks are familiar forms rendered useless by the fragile qualities accorded them and no substitute for the real. These are ghosts from the extinct industrial brickworks which once existed in and around 18th century Glasgow. The bricks were made by slip-casting from molds using liquid clay (slip). The moulds were made from hand-formed ‘bricks’ with ‘Made in Glasgow’ embossed in the frog.

Slip-casting is a process that would never normally be used to make building bricks as slip-casting renders forms hollow rather than solid.