hand-building & raku workshops

Employing Japanese pinching and carving techniques

Raku teabowl, hand carved Japanese style and glazed in a blue and turquoise lustre glaze

Workshops are run over two days, two weeks apart



First Session: Hand-building a Japanese style teabowl (using pinching and carving techniques) and carving a box from a block of clay (kurinuki style). If there is time you will also make one or two pinch bowls. Learn about western raku, the history of it’s development from the original Japanese raku process and the characteristics of western raku-ware, which result from the fast, low-temperature firing technique and post-firing reduction process. 


Second Session: Glazing and raku firing. Demonstration of basic glazing methods before glazing your own work. Fast-firing of the work takes place outside and your work will be ready to take away at the end of the firing. 

This is an ideal entry level course for beginners as no experience is necessary. If you have some hand-building experience already you may develop your own project during the first session (subject to size/technique restrictions).


NB. Raku ware is for decorative use only.

2022 Workshop Dates

At the Glasgow Ceramics Studio

Workshop I – Fully booked – reserve list available

Sunday 24th April, 2pm-4.30pm

Sunday 8th May, 10am-2pm


Workshop II – Fully booked – reserve list available

Saturday, 7th May, 2pm-4.30pm &

Sunday 22nd May, 10am-2pm


Workshop III – Fully booked – reserve list available

Sunday, 12th June, 2pm-4.30pm &

Sunday 26th June, 10am-2pm


£110 per person

£50 deposit to secure a place


Max 6 people per workshop

Suitable for both beginners and those with experience

To book please email info@nicolahenderson.co.uk 

Sudent work from a raku firing at House for an Art Lover

first session - two and a half hours

Learn the ancient pinch-pot technique, or kurinuki carving technique (dependant on which course you have booked) to create one or two smaller vessels and a larger bottle/vase or organic, sculptural form. Different decorating techniques are discussed as well as an introduction into the characteristics of raku glazes and an explanation on the effects of flames and smoke on pieces during the reduction process. 

second session - four hours

Glazing and firing. Demo of basic glazing methods before glazing your own work. We fire your work outside using a rapid-firing raku kiln and reduction bins. You take your work away with you at the end of the firing.

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