I produce small batch and one-off functional and decorative ware as well as sculptural and installation pieces. My influences are varied, recent work is inspired by Eastern (Japanese and Korean) traditional production techniques and aesthetics. I often incorporate locally sourced wild clay and river bed inclusions into the uk commercially produced clay that I use.

Previous decorative, sculptural work is influenced by the rugged geological terrain and rock types of the Scottish Highlands.

‘Echoes’ (160 slip-cast bone-china and porcelain bricks) and ‘You can’t look back because it’s gone’ (photographic images projected through a clayprint ‘window’) explore themes of industrial archaeology – referencing Glasgow and the West of Scotland’s industrial heritage, de-industrialisation and urban regeneration.

After 10 years as a Studio member at the Glasgow Ceramics Studio in Dennistoun, East Glasgow, I now make my ceramics at home in the Renfrewshire countryside.