Epicystis Crucifer

Reduction wood-cut prints

Reduction wood-cut print of Epicystis Crucifer, a native Floridian sea anemone species that demonstrates morphologic variations in nearly every fluorescent color of the rainbow. Inspiration for the woodcut came from researched online images of these sea animals, and in particular a specific image of an orange and green colour morphed sea flower, the image belonging to Coral Morphologic, a Miami based enterprise for the development of symbiosis between humans and coral.

Kind permission to reproduce the image in reduction wood-cut print form was given by JD McKay and Colin Flood of Coral Morphologic, Miami, Florida.

Reduction wood-cut printing is a form of relief printing, where each colour is printed individually from the same block onto one sheet of paper, at different stages of carving. Usually, the lightest colour of the design is printed first, then the block is “reduced” by carving away before the second colour is printed, and so on. It is impossible to undo mistakes as the block is destroyed as the printing process progresses, and the process of ‘registration’ (the method of keeping the block in exactly the same place for each print) is extremely important.

Printed at the Glasgow Print Studio, 2014.